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IRS Tax Relief Programs

If you have not paid back taxes, then you have likely received notifications from the IRS. When you owe the IRS, it is never a good thing. That is why it is important to begin exploring the IRS Tax Relief Programs. This allows you to take control of your tax situation by obtaining the help necessary to negotiate a proper installment agreement or I/A, where we here at Tax Relief Associates, LLC, can focus on paying down the principal and not just penalties and interest.

It is likely that you have made an honest mistake with the way you filed your taxes or you may have accumulated tax debt unexpectedly. It is imperative to be proactive by reaching out to the IRS before they get to you. The IRS can be contacted to help you fix the problem so that you don’t incur penalties and interest.

The IRS can be extremely difficult to deal with and that is why it can be advantageous to work with a professional company and tax firm that has experience with IRS tax settlements and negotiations as well as dealing with IRS Revenue Officers along with State Tax Officers.

Here at Tax Relief Associates, LLC, we handle a variety of tax situations:

– Installment agreements or I/A’s
Offer in Compromise
– Payment Plans
– Lifting Tax Liens
– Clearing Bank Levies
– Lifting and clearing Wage Garnishments
– Filing Protection Orders
– Filing Personal and Business Tax Returns
– Audit Representation
– Bookkeeping
– Clearing derogatory marks on Credit Reports: Transunion, Equifax, Experian to lift FICO scores

Whatever your tax “need,” is, here at Tax Relief Associates, LLC, we will strive to help you achieve that goal. This will allow you to get the most advantageous position and resolution possible in order to avoid being delinquent on payments – which can result in even more penalties and interest.

Paying taxes is not always easy. The IRS does accept credit card payments, but you may not want to suffer paying the interest that is associated with this payment method.

The IRS tax settlements are based upon how much you owe. When you owe less than $25,000, there are some different options that you can explore. In many instances, you can even form an agreement with the IRS where you lower your tax debts to less than what you owe – and this is always the route you want to take when it is available.

You don’t want to deal with the IRS alone because of the constantly changing tax laws and codes. Also by having professionals represent you, such as the Enrolled Agents here at Tax Relief Associates, LLC, licensed by the US Department of Treasury, who will get REAL results for you. Tax relief is possible with Tax Relief Associates, LLC where professional EAs (Enrolled Agents), Tax Relief Attorneys, CPA’s Accountants, and Tax Preparers are on your side every step of the way.

Tax settlements are necessary because you cannot remain in debt to the IRS forever. Whether they have already contacted you or not, you need to start thinking about what is needed to take action so you can pay what is owed. Failure to respond to the IRS when they begin sending notifications can lead to all sorts of negative outcomes (growing penalties and interest, bank levy, tax lien, wage garnishment, imprisonment, etc.) and you want to avoid this whenever possible.

IRS tax situations can be handled quickly and efficiently so you can pay what you truly should owe and then move on with your life!

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