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IRS Penalty Abatement Relief Overview

IRS Penalty Abatement is a reduction or elimination of penalties and interest accrued on your IRS back tax debt. With IRS Tax Abatement relief you may be able to reduce or eliminate all of the penalties and interest associated with your IRS back tax case. You are still responsible for the balance but with a reduction in the penalties and interest your IRS tax debt can be much more reasonable. So if you can afford to pay the tax debt but not the penalties and interest, Penalty Abatement may be the best solution to settle your back taxes.

Penalty Abatement is just one of the many ways Tax Relief Associates can help you get your IRS tax debt taken care of. The longer you wait to take care of your back taxes with the IRS the more interest and penalties will turn a small tax debt into an unreasonable one.

When Should You Apply for IRS Penalty Abatement?

By choosing Penalty Abatement you are giving your case with IRS a human face and showing that you have a solid reason for not paying your tax debt, such as:

• The death of a family member or someone close to you.

• Unavoidable absence such as being in jail or in a rehabilitation facility.

• Destruction of your businesses records in fire, hurricane, flood etc.

• Ability to pay on your taxes has been delayed by a civil disturbance such as divorce.

• You were not able to collect records to establish the amount of taxes owed.

• You received incorrect advice from a tax professional.

• You received incorrect advice from the IRS no matter if it was over the phone, in writing or in person.

• You are on a fixed income or are retired.

These are just a few of the many reasons the IRS may be willing to reduce the penalties and interest on your tax debt.

The most common way to present your Penalty Abatement case to the IRS is with a written petition. Because your petition for Penalty Abatement will be reviewed by an officer in the IRS, it is very important that your case be clear and well prepared.

It is common for the IRS and State taxing authorities to automatically assess substantial penalties against taxpayers without any investigation whatsoever as to whether or not those taxpayers may have a legitimate defense against the imposition of penalties. In many cases, the IRS penalties and interest imposed against individuals and businesses can exceed the amount of the alleged tax at issue – and be financially catastrophic for the taxpayer or business.

If you have been assessed, or have paid a tax penalty you do not believe you owe, it is important for you to consult with our firm immediately. While there are typically many options for seeking the abatement or refund of penalties assessed or paid, there are many time deadlines which must be met to preserve your rights and protect your claim for a refund. As with most tax matters, time usually works against taxpayers and the tax laws are generally written to give the government an advantage.

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