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IRS Collection Appeals

When the IRS contacts you to collect taxes, it is important that you take immediate action. If you choose to ignore notices received in the mail, calls coming in over the phone, as well as any other method, you could be setting yourself up for a disaster. The IRS spends a lot of resources and time to collect the money owed to them, one way or another and you don’t want to accrue penalties & interest, receive tax liens, wage garnishments nor bank levies.

An IRS collections appeal is a method that allows you, the taxpayer, to take action. Protection orders are sent along with a Stay of Collection so that the IRS will not be authorized to follow through with any threats they have made verbally or in writing. Once you file a collection appeal, an Appeals Officer is required to decide whether an appeal will go through or not within five business days.

If you are granted a collection appeal, it can prevent the IRS from seizing property, terminating an installment agreement, forcing a levy or lien on your home, garnishing your wages and even going to jail. This can ensure that you maintain financial stability, even when you owe taxes to the IRS and/or State.

Whether you made a mistake on your taxes, you forgot to file your taxes, or there is some other error, it is important that you resolve your issues with the IRS. Ignoring the notices does not make the problem go away – and this only has the potential to make matters worse. Once the IRS has announced that they plan on taking some kind of action, you will need to file a collection appeal that essentially stops them from following through with the collection that they desire. This does not mean that suddenly you do not owe taxes, but it allows you to resolve your tax issues on YOUR terms instead of theirs.

Trying to go through the appeals process on your own can be difficult and daunting if you are not aware of all of the different forms, tax laws, as well as the general process and general experience working with key officials. It is important to have assistance along the way so that a tax resolution specialist can help you settle a tax dispute or situation effectively.

Tax Relief Associates, LLC can effectively file an IRS collections appeal so that the IRS does not take action that can impact your finances and your ability to pay various bills.

You don’t have to go through this process alone. We have professional tax resolution specialists that can assist you every step of the way. You will be able to receive assistance that makes the process seamless and have someone that will be able to answer all of your questions.

Find out more about an IRS collections appeal or audit by calling Tax Relief Associates, LLC today. We look forward to helping you!

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