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Tax Relief Associates, LLC Firm Overview

Tax Relief Associates, LLC is dedicated to helping Taxpayers in their time of tax law crisis. We are here to walk you through the process and help you find the best solution available to you to help you resolve your tax problems quickly.

We recognize this is a difficult time for you and you are looking for help.

We have valuable advice for you … be careful out there. Your reading of the following may be the best thing you can do to solve your tax problem.

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What you will get with IRS State Tax Relief Associates, Inc. We recognize this often confusing, frightening and sometimes embarrassing times for clients and will work to help you through your tax problem with understanding.

You get straight answers to your questions and forward thinking positive attitude about how we can help you now and for your future.

We will quickly review your tax issue and the facts will allow us to provide you with the best options and solutions available for you. We will give you the best strategy for solving your tax problem.

We will work directly with the IRS or state tax office on your behalf, so you do not have to. We have the experience and knowledge behind us to help you avoid their common “collection techniques” and find the best path through their complicated processes to gain the best outcome available to you. The tax collection agents at the IRS/State job are to collect information from you to collect the maximum amount of money from you as quickly as possible. They are not required to help you or advise you but work for the IRS/State to collect $$ from YOU.

You will get communication access to the agents working on your case. You will be encouraged to ask questions and be comforted by the knowledge that the agent working your case care about you.

You get an agreement that is plain, easy to understand language. If at any time you have questions, we encourage you to ask.

You should contact another reliable firm that will provide you answers to your questions and help you find an option that works best for you or us.

What you will not get from our tax firm.

You will not get the “everyone qualifies, just send money” answers that are common by a few non-reliable firms.
You do not get phony and illegal guarantees and insincere promises of help, if it sounds too good to be true, it may be wise to double-check.
You will not get a sugar-coated solution and answers to your questions, but real answers and options that will help you.
You will not get “you can’t reach or speak ” to the so-called tax expert that is common at many non-reliable firms.

You will not get a complex agreement from our firm that is filled with legal language and conflicting statements that don’t protect you.

You will get an understandable language agreement.

Ultimately the choice on how to solve your tax problem is up to you. If you elect to call us or send us an e-mail regarding your situation you will be pleased with the outcome.

We wish you the best.

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